British Shorthair Cats



John & Michelle are small hobby breeders of healthy and happy British Shorthair Cats who  are based in north east England. We have been breeding for several years and are linked to other British Shorthair breeders and clubs. This means we are always happy to direct you to like minded breeders in your search to find the perfect kitten for your family.

We breed blue Shorthairs and Longhairs with the occasional red, chocolate lilac, cream and black from our tortie girls.

All of our kittens are sold following the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) rules & guidelines. They do not leave us until they are registered, vaccinated and microchipped.  This means our kittens stay with us until they are 13 weeks old.



"I can't recommend Baronet Cats enough. We have been blessed with the beautiful Flora. Everyone comments on her stunning looks and her massive personality. Give us another 12 months and we will be back for another wee one to complete our family."


"We have two babies from Michelle. They are both wonderful! Very approachable and friendly, unlike some breeders you can actually cuddle and love your new baby before you get to bring them home. The kittens are full of fun and love as they are brought up around children and other pets. Very highly recommend."


"Michelle is a very experienced, professional and caring British Shorthair (BSH) breeder. I was recommended to Michelle from a retired BSH breeder. Having another BSH already at home we wanted another and immediately the attention and care to the kittens, parents and the new 'human parents' was evident."

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