•  Throughout the year, different colour kittens become available depending on the litters we have. 

    We don't actively advertise kittens on this site, however you can find updated kitten pictures on our Facebook page. 

    We always make sure our kittens go to a good, caring and responsible homes and we will keep in contact, and will be willing to help with any issues that may arise with getting a new kitten.

    The kittens will be registered with the GCCF. They will be registered as non active on their registration  card.  This means when we registered them we are informing the GCCF that these kittens are going to pet homes and not to breeding homes as active queens and studs. We do not condone unauthorised breeding and breeding without the correct registration/licence of any animal as well as our cats. You will be given their GCCF registration document and a 5 generation pedigree certificate upon them leaving.

    The kittens all receive their full course of vaccinations before leaving and therefor will leave at 13 weeks of age. They get vaccinated against Feline Panleucopenia/infectious Enteritus, Feline Herpes, Feline Calicivirus, Feline Chlamydophila and Feline Leukaemia Virus. They will be microchipped and had received a strict worming regiment which not only covers several types of worms but also treats things such as Gardia which can be one of the  causes  diarrhoea.  They will be fully weaned and have a diet which ranges from dried food, wet food and raw feeding. they will be insured for 4 weeks from leaving us. Please note with insurance, if not continuing with the insurance arranged by ourselves, u need to take out insurance 2 weeks after getting your kitten to ensure no gap in cover. Lots of insurance companies do not cover for the first 14 days of a policy.  Although you may feel that it will be unlikely to need in those 2 weeks, we do strongly advise that you have your kitten at all times insured to ensure they will receive at all times maximum treatment for their health and well being.  All of our kittens come with a contract which also covers insurance.

    As well as the above they will come with a kitten pack which will include food, litter, toys and information leaflets.

    If you have any questions about the kittens, you can contact us using the website features or on Facebook. 

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